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Greetings from the Management

代表取締役会長:冨澤昌三 代表取締役社長:冨澤昌宏

As per the name of our company, the goal when we started was to become the leader of our industry.
In our efforts to be number one, we have managed to grow to the status of a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, all the while turning conventional industry wisdom on its head.
We can now boast a product lineup, shop design, and services in line with customer needs throughout Japan. Some examples of these are “Megane ichiba,” an eyewear shop that does not charge extra even for ultra-thin type or bifocal lenses, and “ALOOK,” a shop based on the concept of “Eyeglasses for Changes.”
The vigorous manner with which “Megane ichiba,” in particular, has been opening shops has generated a huge response. This has garnered us the support of customers all over Japan, indicating a favorable development.
So that we may be the best eyewear shop for customers, it is important that we are always trying to strengthen our product lineup, human resources, and shops based on the customer’s perspective and be sure that we are one step ahead of other companies.
In order to attract more customers and be of help to them, we will continue to develop innovative services via new-type shops and involving the industry.
For an increase in customer loyalty, we will continue taking on the challenge as a leader creating new added value without being held to existing concepts, with a motto of “Better Products, Cheaper, Faster, and Easier to Understand.”
Via our unique and incredible rapid-response management strategies, we will further increase our corporate competitiveness and strive to contribute to the local community and take customers beyond satisfaction.

Corporate Philosophy
To realize the happiness of everyone concerned and create smiling faces
Management Philosophy
We strive to be an innovative company that pursues new added value and contributes to the local community
Action Philosophy
・We always think and act from the customer’s perspective, and pursue joy and movement of the heart・We take pride in actively and continually challenging ourselves to produce the greatest results・We strive for self-improvement with high expectations, and pursue daily growth・We have an open heart and express our appreciation, no matter what it may be towards, with action・We respect one another and strive to build an atmosphere easy to work in, as well as a rewarding working environment・We are aware of social responsibility , and act sincerely
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