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So that MEGANE TOP Co., Ltd. and affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) may implement the business principle “Customer Creed” in its true meaning, we cannot only satisfy customers but also consistently provide service beyond their expectations. This allows us to create a feeling among our customers that exceeds any type of satisfaction. In order for the Company to provide our customers with the highest level of service, the personal information we receive from them is essential.
In advance of the April 2005 implementation of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information targeting businesses that handle personal information, we established our personal information protection policy in order to allow us to actively and continuously manage our customers’ personal information to the very best of our abilities.
The Company pledges to appropriately manage, protect, and utilize personal information according to this policy in order to serve its social obligations.

  1. Personal information refers to name, gender, date of birth, occupation, postal code, address, phone number, e-mail address or the like, history of service use linked to what can distinguish individuals (numbers, codes, signs), product purchase records, and information such as inquiries.
  2. The company will abide by the laws and other regulations regarding the handling of the personal information provided to us by our customers.
  3. We always work to manage the personal information provided to us by our customers accurately and in an updated form as is necessary according to the reason why the information is being used. We will safely accumulate/store personal information via rational/strict management technologically and organizationally to prevent risks such as unlawful access, loss, destruction, manipulation, or leakage. If the use/management of customers' personal information is outsourced by the Company, the handling of the personal information will be strictly supervised/managed.
  4. The Company will not use the personal information provided to us by our customers for reasons other than to provide information/deliver products as they pertain to new products/services and related after-sales services in our vision/hearing care business and other related businesses, in joint use for the declared reasons in order to provide comprehensive services within our group, and any other just reasons.
  5. The Company will not disclose or provide the personal information provided to us by our customers to third parties outside our group, except in the following cases:
    (1) If the customer's consent has been obtained;
    (2) If necessary to protect the customer's life, physical safety, or assets, and it was deemed difficult to obtain the customer's consent;
    (3) If disclosed in a way that does not allow for identification of the individual;
    (4) If disclosed to an outsourced company required to provide responses to inquiries and services (In such cases, the Company will determine the rules regarding confidentiality between the respective outsourced company and the Company in an effort to ensure confidentiality);
    (5) If deemed legally necessary;
    (6) If deemed necessary to cooperate in achieving tasks legally established by a national institution, regional public organization, or contracted entity, and obtaining customer consent may hinder achievement of said task; and
    (7) If the customer requests disclosure or provision to a third party.
  6. If the customer requests confirmation of her/his personal information, if there are errors in the customer's personal information, or if there are factors pointing to the information being improperly handled/obtained or improperly provided to a third party, the customer can request viewing, edits, additions, and/or deletions and a stop to the provision of the information to the third party. In such cases, please issue inquiries to the department/division (e.g., shop) that has been provided the personal information by the customer or the company's designated contact. In order to prevent the leakage of customers' personal information to third parties, the Company will allow for viewing of the customer's personal information, editing of it, deleting it, or stopping the provision of such to the third party only if the Company confirms that the request is being made by the customer in question.
  7. The Company has established the following rules/regulations regarding the joint use of personal information provided by the customer in order to provide comprehensive services within our group:
    (1) Items pertaining to the joint use of personal data come under the respective personal information protection policy item #1;
    (2) Joint use ranges across our group companies;
    (3) The purpose of use comes under the respective personal information protection policy item #4; and
    (4) MEGANE TOP Co., Ltd. is responsible for the management of personal data (e.g., safety controls) within the joint use among our group companies.
  8. The Company will continue to review and improve the contents of this policy.
  9. The Company will use this policy to strictly manage even the personal information received from customers before April 2005.
  10. The Company will strive to comply with this policy via the use of regular audits.
  11. It is requested that personal information on customers under 13 years old always be provided upon obtaining caregiver consent.
  12. Submit inquiries regarding our "Personal Information Protection Policy" via our toll-free number (0120-818-828: Japan only) or e-mail (
Masahiro Tomizawa
Chief Operating Officer,
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