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Procedures for requesting personal information

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Procedures for requesting personal information

  1. Methods for requesting disclosure of personal information
    ・If requesting verbal disclosure:
    Please contact the shop at which the purchase was made or via the company's contact number. After confirming that the request is being made by the customer in question, address the request unless special circumstances are involved.
    Responses for only the following items are provided if the request for verbal disclosure is made:
    1) Presence of personal information;
    2) Data regarding visual strength, etc., at most recent purchase
    3) Items at most recent purchase; and
    4) Purchase amount (yen value) at most recent purchase.
    ・If requesting disclosure in document form:
    Please print out the "Personal information request form." If you are unable to do this, please contact the company via the shop at which the purchase was made or contact the company by phone or e-mail. The "Personal information request form" will be sent to the registered address. Please fill out the required items on the form and send it with the other required documents to the company by mail (postal service).
  2. What is needed to disclose personal information
    ・If requesting verbal disclosure, the Company will check verbally whether the request is being made by the customer in question.
    ・Please send the following three items if requesting document disclosure:
    - Personal information request form;
    - Materials to allow for identification (copies of driver's license, health insurance card, passport, etc.); and
    - Return envelope (Please put 392 yen worth of postage stamps on a self-addressed return envelope.)
  3. Disclosure method
    ・If requesting verbal disclosure:
    - A response will be provided at a shop or by phone.
    ・If requesting document disclosure:
    - A response will be provided by mail (postal).
  4. Disclosure fee
    ・If requesting verbal disclosure:
    - Free of charge
    ・If requesting document disclosure:
    - Postal costs are to be paid by the individual requesting disclosure.
    [Disclosure documents are to be sent by simplified registered mail service. 392 yen (82 yen + 310 yen)]
  5. Precautions
    1) If verbal confirmation of the customer's identity for a verbal disclosure request cannot be made for some reason, disclosure can be made at a shop after confirmation via identification documents/materials.
    If by phone, the customer cannot be identified using documents/materials, rendering it impossible to make verbal disclosure.
    Requests are accepted for document disclosure. Please take the required steps to do so.
    2) The request cannot be accepted if there is a defect/insufficiency in the required documents.
    3) None of the documents will be returned regardless of whether the request is accepted or not.
    4) The Company may phone the customer to confirm the content of any request.
    5) The customer will take similar procedures for edits, stoppage of use, and deletions.
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