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Training System

Creating an Educational System by Career
Nihondaira Training Center
Creating an Educational System by Career

The center engages in the training of high quality human resources in order to develop “professional human resources with advanced expertise and technology,” “individuals who are highly ethical and responsible and act with sincerity,” and “global human resources with foresight and uniqueness.”

Training Center
Training Curriculum

Our training curriculum for 1st-year employees is shown below.
It ensures that the individual will grow with each training session.

Training Curriculum
Initial Training

It places importance on learning the basics of working in society and as a MEGANE TOP employee.

[1] Basics of working in society

Business manners to be used in society, information collection needed as a working individual (from the Nikkei newspaper), presentation, accounting and financial knowledge, group debate/discussion, makeup, cleaning, etc.

[2] Basics as a MEGANE TOP employee
1. Basic knowledge

Business environment, our company profile (including group companies), management strategy, sales methods, personnel system, welfare and benefits, working rules/regulations, etc.

2. Expert knowledge

Optometry, ophthalmology, refractive errors, presbyopia and range of clear vision, ophthalmological conditions, testing basics, AR (autorefractometer) operation, lens meter, POS operation, product knowledge (frames, lenses), handling of contact lenses, purchasing psychology, etc.

3. Basics of
providing service
to customers

Our basic rules, the 7 basic terms for customer service, role playing, after-sales service, etc.

Shop Training (OJT)
Skill Improvement Training

The objective is to look back over the half year since joining the company, check for any insufficiencies/excesses in relation to the goal, and compensate accordingly.

[1] Looking back/Checking for any insufficiencies/excesses
Check on how well the individual is achieving the basic rules, job capability checks, group debate/discussion, etc.
[2] Compensating

Programs are developed according to the trainee’s situation.

The information on our training system is also shown in the “Recruitment/Educational System” section. Employment Opportunities
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